Designing with Interior Design Wallpaper – Ideas and Tips for Home Decor

A stylish trend has made a comeback in interior design: wallpaper! Get the low-down on everything you need to know about selecting, applying, and maintaining this decorative element for your space. From modern prints to more traditional designs, discover various choices with tips from experts. Choose wisely so that your statement stands out!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the wide variety of wallpaper styles available to create a stunning interior design.
  • Learn how to choose and install wallpaper with complementary colors, furniture & accessories, patterns & textures for an inviting atmosphere.
  • Professional tips from interior designers ensure a flawless installation experience and long-lasting beauty in your home.

Interior designers working with a wide selection of designer wallpapers

Exploring Wallpaper Styles in Interior Design

Interior designers can access various styles for designer wallpapers, including modern and traditional. Our wallpaper collection can lend energy and character to any room or space through multiple patterns available in a wide selection for interior designers and retail shoppers without a designer account. From classic designs that never go out of style to eclectic pieces making waves today—it’s easy to discover something perfect for your walls!

Modern Wallpapers

Various attractive wallpapers give any modern room a fresh and stylish look. From bright colors to large patterns, these designs can instantly spruce up an interior space when paired with minimalist furniture or sleek decor accents. One popular option is the Alvorada wallpaper, which features a vintage pattern. Alternatively, you could go for Bahia, which is inspired by vibrant Brazil, while Terrazzo brings in that classic material design.

No matter your preference, Burke Decor offers plenty of options suitable for creating something truly unique; experiment away! Utilize bold combinations of geometric shapes, abstract art, and complementary colors to make a stunning centerpiece at home – adding flair and individuality to on-trend fashion style.

Traditional Wallpapers

For those who are looking for a classic, timeless design in their space, traditional wallpaper can provide the perfect touch. With iconic art from periods such as Renaissance and Baroque featured on many wallpapers today – Morris & Co. or Serena & Lilly blue/green/gray pieces included – selecting which pattern to use should consist of taking account of your room’s size and purpose, plus how it works with other decor items already present. Sometimes, sampling beforehand is a good idea, too! Traditional patterns come in various designs featuring intricate details that will add an elegant ambiance while complimenting existing color schemes and lighting beautifully.

Eclectic Wallpapers

A stunning interior design wallpaper displayed in the Eclectic Wallpapers section.For a truly one-of-a-kind look, consider going with an eclectic wallpaper to accent your space. This style blends different hues, motifs, and patterns for a unique design that celebrates individuality and artistic expression. From abstract designs from Calico to Relativity Textiles’ colorful prints – there is something sure to fit any desired aesthetic in this selection of wallpapers. When deciding which option works best for the room size or preferred color scheme, it can help test out samples beforehand to ensure you’ll get the perfect outcome!

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Space

When selecting the ideal wallpaper to liven up your space, it can be intimidating, given all available options. Don’t worry! With a few simple steps such as assessing the room size and function, experimenting with colors and designs, plus testing before actually applying – you’ll find just what you need to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

Consider Room Size and Function

When selecting wallpaper, the room’s dimensions and purpose must be considered. The pattern size on your chosen print needs to complement that of the space it will go in. Larger rooms can handle bigger prints, whereas smaller areas should opt for something more delicate. Similarly, based on what you intend to do in a specific area – such as living or sleeping, choose patterns accordingly that match their role within your home environment seamlessly. Bold designs are typically best suited for activity centers. At the same time, subtle hues work well with bedrooms and study spaces, so ensure whatever color scheme you pick can blend with both surrounding decor and uses alike. In short, look at how each piece impacts both aesthetics & atmosphere before making any decisions!

Experiment with Color and Pattern

Interior design with wallpaper to suit and matchFor your wallpaper, you can let go of any restrictions and be as creative with colors and patterns as desired. Keep the style of the room in mind while browsing for wallcovering. Consider all kinds of interior design magazines or websites for ideas on creating a unique look by layering different designs together. Balance is essential when making those decisions: opt for an understated hue if using striking graphics or use bright shades to make more subtle textures stand out. In this way, pattern play brings personality into space that otherwise may have been forgotten!

Test Before Committing

It’s sensible to acquire a sample of the wallpaper and affix it to the wall before you make your definitive decision for you to assess its appearance with different illuminations during various parts of the day. This allows you an accurate image of how this particular wallpaper would look in that room, avoiding any costly mistakes.

Another route is through virtual design software. These can offer a realistic simulation regarding how much impact the chosen wallpaper could have on your space. It grants plenty of opportunity when considering multiple colors, designs, or looks before confirming which one should be used ultimately.

Wallpaper Application Ideas

A wall with art made from wallpaper and DIYWallpaper is a great way to put your personal touch on any room, and an experienced interior designer can help bring creativity when finding new places for it. With accent walls, ceilings, or unexpected spots like closets and staircases, the possibilities are endless. An expert in interior design will be able to guide you through this process of transforming these areas with wallpaper ideas that go beyond just four walls!

Accent Walls

A great way to create a striking focal point in any room is by using an accent wall. When selecting wallpaper for this purpose, consider your space’s dimensions and function when considering color and pattern combinations that work best with it. Looking into different possibilities can give you fantastic results! Take account of these key points as you pick out the perfect style for your feature wall – then get ready to watch its transformation takes effect almost instantly. Explore different colors and patterns to find what looks beautiful on your unique accent wall!

Ceiling Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent way to make any space stand out! By adding wallpaper to the ceiling, you can produce a distinctive and attractive design that contrasts with most neutral-toned spaces. Before applying it, assess how your chosen pattern will look in the room by testing it first. It’s wise to consider what kind of area you have when deciding on colors and patterns for this dynamic decoration method. Size matters, too! The result should be stunning, bringing additional depth into your home while making quite a statement simultaneously.

Unexpected Spaces

It’s time to think outside the box and explore how wallpaper can be used in unique spaces of your home, like closets, stairways, or built-in shelves. You could choose solid designs for a remarkable look or softer hues as an elegant touch. Before committing to any choice, you should carefully evaluate factors such as size/functionality and color/pattern selection that will determine what would work best in your project. Sampling is also advisable before taking action since it guarantees excellent results tailored to your needs!

Pairing Wallpaper with Paint and Decor

It’s time to pair the chosen wallpaper with paint and decorations to create a unified design. Let us investigate some ideas for synchronizing these elements, such as choosing complementary colors, blending furniture and decorative pieces tastefully, and including textures and patterns. Crafting this look is an enjoyable process that will allow you to express your style aesthetic through both the decor choices and their arrangement.

Complementary Colors

When deciding on how to match wallpaper and paint, it is essential to choose hues that work together well. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel, such as yellow-orange with blue-purple or orange-red with blue, provide a bright yet balanced effect. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing look while making a solid impression, go for vibrant contrasting colors. If you want something more mellow, use softer shades instead. Also, keep in mind texture – combining matte wallpapers and glossy paints will bring greater depth into your design plan!

Matching Furniture and Accessories

When matching furniture and accessories with your wallpaper, you can craft a unified look in the room or space by honing down on one color palette, highlighting the line and shape similarities between pieces of furniture throughout the area, and incorporating patterns into each element. This will all contribute towards creating an elegant aesthetic that is harmonious. Focus also on repeating textures, colors, and shapes, which connect different components within this living space. These repeated elements draw together a cohesive atmosphere for its occupants.

Layering Patterns and Textures

When designing a space, it is essential to consider the desired aesthetic. By combining different patterns and textures, you can create an atmosphere that is both inviting and unique. Start by selecting a primary color, then incorporate various combinations of patterned materials to add depth while avoiding overpowering the layout. Layering these components brings life to any room!

Wallpaper Installation Tips from Interior Designers

Interior designers have compiled their most valuable tips and tricks to ensure a successful wallpaper installation. Preparing walls, figuring out whether or not it’s best to do it yourself or hire a pro, and understanding how to maintain the paper correctly. These are all essential steps in this endeavor, something experts know very well!

Preparing Your Walls

Before the installation of your designer wallpaper, it’s essential that you pre-prepare your walls properly. This entails filling gaps, sanding bumps, and cleaning off dust or debris from the surface. Once everything is evened out and cleaned up, apply a primer to ensure adhesive for optimal adherence of your wallpaper onto said wall.

Not only will preparing in this way result in a smoother coating with better adhesion, but also sidestep issues such as bulging or lifting down the line. By investing some time into getting ready for installation, you’ll have professional-looking results much more quickly!

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Wallpaper installation offers two options: DIY or professional. Going for a DIY approach is often an inexpensive option and can be less daunting than one may think, thanks to the proliferating peel-and-stick wallpaper products. Still, it could require more of your time. To contact someone for the job.

Hiring professionals, on the other hand, can bring higher costs but faster results with greater assurance due to their access to specialized tools and methods that guarantee optimal results from wallpapering efforts. Your choice between do-it-yourself and expert installation comes down mainly to budgeting considerations, how much time you have schedule-wise, plus personal preferences concerning decor matters such as this one involving wallpaper installations.

Maintenance and Care

It is essential to properly care for your designer wallpaper to keep its charm and increase durability. This includes vacuuming and dusting regularly, as well as dealing with any spills or spots immediately by wiping them away using a damp cloth, but remember not to use harsh chemicals or abrasives! If the wallpaper gets damaged somehow, you should address that issue promptly. Depending on what kind of damage there is, you can either repair the affected area or replace it altogether with fresh new pieces so you can enjoy your gorgeous design longer.


Wallpaper can be a fantastic way to breathe life into your space, express yourself, and follow the latest interior design trends. By carefully selecting from different styles of wallpaper that suit your needs best, strategically placing it with paint or decorations in mind for a harmonious effect, and following installation and maintenance instructions precisely, you’ll have stunning results that will last! So go ahead- use this exciting trend by adorning your home’s walls today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suitable wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpaper is a convenient, long-lasting, and flexible solution for any family. Its simple installation makes it especially well-suited for children’s bedrooms or bathrooms.

What is wallpaper in interior design?

Wallpaper is an inexpensive and simple way to liven up any room in your home. It’s made of paper, fabrics, or other materials with stunning designs that can give a great dose of sophistication and style to the walls. The material has multiple uses (decorative and practical), making it perfect for adding some life to your space.

Is textured wallpaper in style?

Wallpaper has become a significant part of interior design, with its growing popularity seen in textured varieties and 3-D designs. From feature walls to maximalist styles, the latest trend is characterized by larger-than-life prints and kaleidoscopic colors, all sprucing up home décor.

How can I choose a suitable wallpaper for my space?

Select your wallpaper with careful consideration of the size and purpose of the room, the hues in play, and any patterns that could be complementary to create a seamless combination for your interior.

What are some creative wallpaper application ideas?

Incorporating wallpaper into your home decor can be a creative, beautiful way to spruce up any space. Accent walls and ceiling designs are two popular options that provide eye-catching visuals. At the same time, unexpected places like closets or staircases could also work surprisingly well with the right pattern choice.

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