The time to complete a project varies depending on a number of factors including complexity, size, and space. We will assess the time and cost required for your project and work within your schedule and budget constraints to complete your project in a timely manner.

Step 1
Interior Design Consultation

During the consultation, we cover the scope of the project in detail. We also discuss, budget, style preferences, and timeline. Further, we delve into the long term and short term goals for your home, your values, and your lifestyle so we can formulate and execute a design plan that suits you and your family’s needs.

Step 2
Proposal and Contract

Based on our initial consultation, we formulate and submit a proposal outlining our estimated hours, fee structure, timeframe and some policies, etc. Proposals are working documents that can be modified at any time. Our goal is to set a foundation that is comfortable and realistic, ensuring that we’re on the same page moving forward. Upon approval of the proposal, we transmit a contract for review and signature. Along with the executed contract, we require a retainer fee which will be credited against any outstanding invoices.

Step 3
Design Phase

This is where the fun part begins. We start working on the conceptual design based on the floor plan and your style preferences. We start with developing a color scheme, sourcing of fabrics, furniture, lighting, fixtures and materials. This is the phase where materials for flooring are selected, window treatments are designed, hardware, counters and cabinetry are chosen. Drawings, samples, and pictures are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched and catalogued. In sum, this is where all design decisions are carefully sourced, examined and considered. During this phase, there will be continuing correspondence and/or meetings to ensure that we’re on track.

Step 4
Project Management Phase

Throughout the design process, we manage the project with responsiveness and attentiveness. Our team ensures that deliveries are seamless, trades work is satisfactory, furniture purchased, schedule is on track and no detail is overlooked. Throughout this phase, we will be available to ensure that any outstanding items are addressed. For renovation projects specifically, we will be in constant communication with the contractor and his/her team to ensure that the design plan is being executed correctly.

Step 5

This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by trades has been completed, the furniture has been delivered, accessories placed and art hung. This usually occurs on one day so we can present you with a final reveal. Styling is what truly elevates your space. A couple of days prior to installation, I source accessories such as art, lamps, throws, vases, etc. On installation day, they will be placed throughout your space. You’ll have a day or two to decide which pieces you would like to keep. At the end of the project, we will walk through the space together, and compile a list of any outstanding items or tasks. We will arrange to have all of these items taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Step 6

We’ll work around your schedule to have your beautiful new space professionally photographed, before leaving you to bask in your newly designed home.