With Spring around the corner, all of winter’s cozy charm is starting to fade. As we put away our sheepskins and our heavy duvets, we make room for linens and fresh cut flowers. A spring refresh doesn’t have to be a hassle or costly, but it does feel so inviting when you make the switch. It’s really surprising how changing a few things, like a rug or decorative pillows, can really affect the mood of your space. Going from cozy to fresh can be pretty easy. 

Here are a few tips on how you can update and style your home for Spring.  



Easiest and most cost effective way to transform a room is to change out your pillows and throws. An example for pillows would be to to go from wool to linen in monochrome or muted pastels. As for throws, get rid of your sheep skins and add some fringed or textured cottons in lighter tones. 



Nothing screams “wow” like when you replace a rug or layer the current one you have. If you have a sisal rug, add texture to the room with a muted Persian rug or something simple and modern in a tonal stripe. 


Ok, flowers and plants might be even cheaper than pillows, but you will have to replace them every week. Which is why pillows and throws are still a wise investment. But don’t do one or the other, do both! It’s such a beautiful and inviting impact when you have these gorgeous floral arrangements.. Go for whimsical and natural and for what’s in season. The beauty of floral arrangement is that there is no wrong way to to go about…make it your own. Plus, you’ll feel like a total rockstar for DIY!

There is one other option which has become more of an appeal when it comes to plants and flowers. Live walls or sculptures. We love Plant the Future from Miami. Paloma Teppa is an amazing artist who uses plants in her art. And the result is exquisite and makes such an impact no matter your home style. 

Plant the Future



Much like rugs, decorative pieces are definetly worth the investment. Just buy items that will go with your decor no matter the season. We always suggest porcelains, marbles, clays and in monochrome tones. 


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